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The future is in the Atlassian Cloud

 Digitization of business processes rise to the next level – with the Atlassian Cloud. Jodocus is your Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner for migration to the Cloud. It is time for progress: migrate to now! 

Your Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner:

For Consulting, Cloud Migration and Digitalization

Process optimization with Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other Atlassian tools

Atlassian Consulting

Which ones of your business processes can be digitized? You probably have an idea and possibly already have an implementation. That is great! But there is so much more you can digitize: We show you the way to the future with Atlassian tools.

This is your way to optimized processes as well as to increasing your effectiveness and productivity. The size and industry of your company does not matter for the time being – you only have to want one thing: Optimize your business processes.

Atlassian Cloud

Your team, your products, your services, your workflows – your company in the Atlassian Cloud. This is how “optimizing business processes” works today. Whether as an efficient digital solution for IT teams, for human resources, purchasing, sales or marketing: With Atlassian Cloud you unite your company digitally on one platform.

In the future, focus on digitization, optimization and business success! Because managing, processing and implementing will become easier. Together, we will migrate your company to the Atlassian Cloud.

Process optimization

Managing processes, digitizing and optimizing: With our methods and the Atlassian tools, this is an easy task for your company.

Together we digitize your processes, automate them and create a perfect workflow.

Completely customized to your business processes and every area in your company. For more performance, quality and an overall higher customer satisfaction.

Jodocus Atlassian Platinum Partner

Atlassian Partner: Your experts for digital processes

Digitizing business processes is what we’re good at. Our passion and our expertise are for complex processes and their optimization. We manage IT projects from the initial idea to technical implementation. We map analog business processes in an optimized digital way and make the workflow of your company agile and future-proof. Because we are a team of IT and cloud specialists for project and process management.

Our Atlassian experts implement the claim to be your long-term partner with IT expertise, industry knowledge and responsibility. On this base, some well-known customers already placed their trust in us.

Our Blog – latest News

What are Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other tools from Atlassian actually capable of? What new features does the Atlassian Cloud offer? And which business processes can actually be mapped with Atlassian? All this and many other exciting topics are available on our blog. Click through and enjoy reading.

How to: Document Management in Confluence

How to: Document Management in Confluence

TL;DR Confluence is an excellent tool, which brings together a company’s know-how and collaboration among peers. By adding the Scroll Documents app to Confluence, you also make it suitable for document management. Click here to get to the use case. The App offers a...

What makes a good Jira Workflow?

What makes a good Jira Workflow?

A good workflow reflects the way a team or company works. It defines the process steps and statuses of issues and gives you a structured flow. Jira’s Workflow engine is a very powerful tool to realize complex workflows and integrations with other systems. Especially...

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