Cloud Workflows

Cloud workflows: Programing conditions down to the last detail

Extend your Atlassian Cloud – with our app

Optimized down to the smallest detail: Cloud Workflows extends Jira Cloud with new conditions, validators and post-functions. This allows you to link specific conditions to processes and automate your workflows even better. Using the templates we provide, you can quickly set up your own conditions and validators. Tech-savvy admins can also define their own conditions and validators – they can be freely extended.

You can also, improve productivity with our app for Jira Cloud with the included post-functions. They help you and all other users to eliminate any manual work. Your result: Efficient time and cost savings through improved automated workflows down to the last detail.

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Cloud Workflows

The features of Cloud Workflows at a glance

Conditions & Validators

Cloud Workflows extends Jira with maximum flexible conditions and validators based on Jira Expressions. With Cloud Workflows Custom Condition/Validator, admins can map almost any use case imaginable. Both the conditions and the validators come with a set of templates. These can be used immediately and customized completely individual.

Post Functions

The best way to integrate automation into workflows is to use Jira Post Functions. A Post Function is executed whenever the status of an issue changes, for example from “New” to “In Progress”. Cloud workflows can be used to reset field values, create comments, or create new issues at these transitions.

Jira Expressions

Cloud Workflows uses Jira Expressions, a language included in Jira Cloud that allows complex issues and conditions to be expressed very simply. This allows workflows in Jira to be designed even more flexibly. In Cloud Workflows, Jira Expressions are the basis for all conditions and validators. In addition, Jira Expressions can also be used to dynamically control the execution of Post Functions.

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+ Cloud Workflows Advantages

Better workflow in all projects

Projects can be organized and secured even more precisely.

High traceability

With Cloudworkflows presents all work steps on a project transparently.

Eextend conditions & validators

You can enhance your own conditions and validators with Jira Expressions or choose from predefined templates.

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Use Cases for Cloud Workflows: Jira admins will recognize it

Use Case 1

Processing of a task should only be possible in the current sprint

Even in well-established agile teams, it can happen that not all specifications are always followed exactly. With our Cloud Workflows app, you can ensure directly in the tool that all rules are followed. For example, that only those tasks can be processed that are assigned to the current sprint.


Solution: Set up Condition or Validator

This use case can be implemented as a Condition or Validator. In both cases it is sufficient to set up a cloud workflow “Custom Validator” or a cloud workflow “Custom Condition” with the following Jira expression for the transition to the “In progress” status:

Use Case 2

No bug fix should be closed without explanation

Fixing bugs is good. Fixing bugs and explaining the bug in detail is better. That way, it’s easier not to repeat a bug. With cloud workflows, you can ensure that a developer writes a short explanatory comment before a bug can be closed.


Solution: Set up a validator

This use case is best solved with a validator, as typically there is more information provided in the close screen of a bug. The following Jira Expression in the “Close” transition of the bug ensures that the editor has provided a comment of at least 100 characters in length.

Use Case 3

Automatically answer support requests on weekends

Not all teams want to (or can) offer 24/7 support. Especially in these cases, it’s good to let a customer know when to expect a response. This can be very useful, for example, when requests are created in Jira Service Desk on the weekend.


Solution: Set up Post Function

To implement this use case, we use a conditional Post Function after the “Create” transition. We only want this Post Function to run on weekends. Using the Cloud Workflows “Comment on issue” post function, we create the appropriate comment. Using the “Conditional execution” option and the following Jira Expression, we ensure that the Post Function is only executed and the comment is only created on weekends:

We also provide you with our technical support to set up your Conditions, Validators and Post Functions according to your needs.

30-day trial: Load Cloud Workflows now in the Atlassian Marketplace!