When using Jira, labels are an easy and intuitive way to sort your issues through tagging even across your entire instance. However, when it comes to structure, you can quickly loose sight of what is actually being used where and how. Spelling mistakes can make sorting a nightmare and oversight of labels when their use expands can quickly get lost. So what can you do about it?

Of course you can manually sort things, correct wrong labels and edit the label field on every issue. This is often a tedious task though and on servers with heavy use of the labels feature and hundreds of labels, it becomes almost impossible. There must be a better way, right? Well it turns out there is:

The app Project Labels, which has previously already helped fighting label chaos, has recently leveled up! With Version 2.0 it is now able to help you manage global Jira Labels. What does that mean for you?

Imagine you could have one place in Jira to see all your global labels in one place. And imagine you could see at a glance how many times they are used in issues across your server. Spotting these annoying misspelled labels has just become easier. Project Labels also allows you to join them back with their initial label group through a simple renaming process. All this is done in one place, with a few clicks.


And of course Project Labels is also helping you with your project-specific label troubles, by providing separate label features on the project level, so you won’t have to worry about accidental cross-project label problems again.

So get your label management to the next level:

  • Reign in server-wide Jira label chaos!
  • Define and manage project-specific labels
  • Group, change or delete project-specific and server-wide labels
  • Add additional label fields to your issues
  • Analyze label-usage on project and server level

Try out Polymetis Apps Label Manager today – relax, be 🙂  and put a label on it!