Project Labels: Manage Jira labels perfectly

Preventing misspellings in labels and optimizing search results

Organize each individual project: With Project Labels, project administrators in Jira Cloud can assign their own labels per project and manage them at project level. This way, you retain control over all your Jira labels, can predefine them and control your projects even better. For example, spelling or typing errors in the free text field for the labels can be prevented in advance. The result: a much easier and more accurate search for projects via the keywording of the labels.

All labels used in your project are displayed in one place with Project Labels. So you have a perfect overview and can work in it directly: Rename misspelled labels directly or delete labels you no longer need. Merge tasks on the same topics but with different labels without duplications. In addition, labels created with Project Labels can be queried with JQL (Jira Query Language), just like any field in Jira.

30-day trial: Load Project Labels now in the Atlassian Marketplace!

Advantages of Project Labels

Increased productivity

With Project Labels you can significantly increase the productivity of your processes.

Better workflow

The precise assignment of your labels significantly improves your workflow.

Optimal overview

With Project Labels you have a perfect overview of your projects in one place.

Features of Project Labels


Assign labels individually

With Cloud Workflows, you have the ability to set permissible labels for each project individually in advance.


Manage labels in one place

See all labels used in your project in one place and manage them there instantly.

JQL compatible

Like any other field in Jira, Project Label works with JQL queries.