Atlassian Cloud: Managing your business success

With the Atlassian Cloud we get your company ready for the future. Cloud services are more sustainable, secure, flexible and cost-effective than server solutions. Learn more about lasting success for your business now!

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We do the process for you. Safely. Efficient. Scalable.

Your Atlassian Platinum Solution partner for the business processes of the future.

“Innovative, modern and always up to date”. Not just simple phrases for us, but clear goals for your business processes. From consulting to technical implementation and long-term optimization: We build a network for your company, your employees and your processes. And we do this fast, knowledgeable and solution-oriented. Because targeted service needs direct communication that gets to the point fast. Jodocus focuses on the continuous support and optimization of your processes. In consulting, we think beyond the departmental boundaries and create a fitted digital implementation of your processes in Atlassian tools.


Atlassian Cloud

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Atlassian Consulting: Digital if possible!

Can you map your business processes digitally? We say: Absolutely! If you’ve already digitized your processes, are you sure it can’t be even better, faster, more securely? We say: let’s take a look at that.

As an Atlassian partner, we focus on mapping your business processes with Atlassian tools, with the goal of making your processes even smoother and easier. As your partner, we want to work at an eye level with you and increase the added value of your company in the long run. After all, being in the best possible digital position is very import in this day and age.

Processes are only as good as your team

Nothing works without “digital” anymore – and we’re sure that this will even more be the case in the future. This makes it even more important to implement the digitization into your corporate processes now. Of course, this also includes your company’s employees. Our experienced Atlassian consultants support the digitization process with a great knowledge of processes and people. Because it’s all about communication – and it has to run smoothly. We show you how every department in your company can map their digital work processes via Atlassian. And of course, we also take care of the technical implementation, if necessary.

Jodocus: Official Atlassian Solution Partner

Digital is truly genius – but only when everything is perfectly aligned with your company, your processes and the needs of your individual departments. With our consulting, you’ll find out how to make it possible, while we know how to make it all happen technically. So together we map your processes in the Atlassian Cloud and create a better workflow. To do this, we first need to discuss your processes. Jodocus then takes care of the optimized digital mapping of the process structure – with the help of the appropriate Atlassian tool(s) such as Jira, Confluence and others.

Atlassian Consulting by Jodocus: classic to highly specialized

Whether it is a classic use case, such as an IT department, or a pioneer in special business areas, such as the legal department: With Jodocus, you have a partner at your side who sees the big picture of digitization. We start by analyzing your business processes. Very important: We don’t stop there. Because we accompany your company even after successful digitization with the Atlassian tools. With this process, we can work out optimizations right away. We work in close consultation with you and always map your entire workflow to the current status with digital enterprise software.

Atlassian Cloud: High performance with a system

Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket are longterm established software tools. On one hand, to digitize business processes and on the other, to optimize and make them ever more efficient. Anyone familiar with Jira – the flagship of Atlassian – knows of its many advantages: structured processes, defined workflows and clear communication. With the Atlassian Cloud, you can take your workflow and your entire company to the next level for the long term. We are happy to support you in this – both as advisors and with the entire technical implementation.

Server is is the past – the future is cloud

Atlassian Cloud is THE digital enterprise software of the future. It is suitable for companies of all sizes and numerous use cases. It ensures you a modern and consistent platform to implement, handle, manage and optimize business processes even easier and more efficient. What’s certain as well: from 2024 on, there will only be the Atlassian Cloud. Server variants of Jira and Co will no longer be supported – and also be no longer offered by Atlassian from February 2021. The migration to the Atlassian Cloud should be handled by an Atlassian partner – such as Jodocus – as a specialist. Here are some facts why the step into the cloud just makes sense:

+ Higher speed

Your teams run faster. You can scale new instances easier and shut down old instances in a matter of minutes.

+ Future-oriented agile teams

You and your employees can access their projects anywhere, from any device – with 99.9 % availability.

+ Improved productivity

Manual software updates at night or on weekends are history. Leaving you more time for your customers.

+ Lower administration and maintenance costs

IT costs for managing and maintaining servers are gone. Migrating to the cloud lowers your infrastructure costs for IT.

+ Reliable scalability

You can protect your data with built-in security controls and through encryption in transit and at rest. 

+ Familiar environment

Even though the new cloud is visually more modern and offers some new features, the developer remains Atlassian.

Atlassian Cloud Migration: Optimization, the right way!

Migrating from, for instance, a Jira server to the Atlassian Cloud is definitely the future-proof way to digitize your company. But, the path to the cloud is a process that must be well thought out and planned. With our “Proof of Concept”, we check everything with our test systems before we migrate you to the Atlassian Cloud. This allows us to solve technical issues in advance and reduce the downtime for your company to a minimum.

For example, not every user management system can just be integrated into the Cloud. We check this carefully beforehand, back up your data and ensure a smooth move. In addition, we do an app assessment, where we check which apps from the Atlassian Marketplace you need for your Jira software and how these apps can be integrated into the cloud. Of course, we always find a solution here – even if it gets tricky at times.

Process optimization: efficiently digitizing business processes

As software engineers, we know: Basically, every department in every company can digitally map its work processes via Atlassian. SO the big question here is “How?”. That’s exactly when it’s time for the methods and solutions of our Atlassian specialists at Jodocus. Because we can make your processes

  • replicate the reality
  • display digitally at lightning speed
  • structure better together
  • design more efficiently

And all with the Atlassian Cloud enterprise software and their tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and more. We put our main focus on: optimizing the work efficiency in your company.

People control processes, software optimizes them

For us, it’s about the people, the teams, your employees, who sustain your business every day. And that is why it is so important to map their work processes perfectly in the Atlassian Cloud. It’s the only way to achieve long-term efficiency, transparency and ultimately optimization of your business processes. Together, we develop the right workflows in your company and then implement them in the Atlassian Cloud.

Atlassian Data Center: When Cloud is NOT an Option

In general, the Atlassian Cloud suits companies of all sizes and numerous use cases. However, there may be scenarios where the cloud is not the right solution for your business. For example, when regulatory requirements dictate a server solution. In this case, we recommend the “Atlassian Data Center” deployment variant to meet your needs. We are happy to talk this through with you.

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